First pots from the new Workshop

24 Mar
I had the first firing at the the new Workshop here in Cilycwm last week, and I'm happy to say that  on the whole it was a successful firing. The Kiln is an old Laser kiln which I was nervous about transporting up here from Cornwall, but it survived the journey. I can't wait to get my bricks brought up so I can get the proper kiln built. The Laser kiln is in the outbuilding which will become the workshop once I have built the new kiln shed and workshop is in what will be the living room when I get the outbuilding renovated......lots to do! A busy year of making, shows(more info on these to follow), renovating is coming up!

The Kiln is lit again and firing away......let's see what Saturday morning brings when it's cool enough to open up and have a look.


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