New Dawn Traders Rum Flagons

20 Nov
Earlier in the year I was asked to produce 55 flagons for the the New Dawn Traders. I was really chuffed to involved in the project and now the short film that was commissioned is available to watch on Vimeo

This from New Dawn Traders:

This year we commissioned Tim Lake Ceramics to make us a small run of flagons to bottle a portion of our New Dawn Rum, straight from the cask. This rum has travelled all the way from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, across the Atlantic to Cornwall, England, aboard the pioneering ship Tres Hombres. She is currently the only engine-less, wind-powered cargo vessel crossing the Atlantic Ocean, with other ships on their way. As part of a new Sailing Cargo Alliance, the New Dawn Traders are championing this renaissance in emission-free transport. These flagons are a continuation of this revival and reimagining of traditional craft. Each of the 56 vessels are hand-thrown on a kick-wheel out of local clays and glazes in Tim's Penryn workshop... a treasure inside and out. - With enormous thanks to Tim and Jonny for making this film.


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