Pots avaiable via Midgley Green

25 May
It was a great pleasure to meet the guys from http://www.midgleygreen.com/shop/ Their enthusiasm for handmade work of all sorts of materials is infectious. I'm very pleased to have some work available via their online shop.

They have written some lovely words about my work and practice.....

Based in the rural countryside of Carmarthenshire Tim Lake produces his beautiful ceramic tableware. As a potter Tim is influenced by a vast array of cultures and objects, his pieces hold a reference to a long line of Japanese and Eastern influenced pots but on the other hand they also seem full of life with contemporary input. It is a difficult task to come across pots that are truly alive and playful yet raw and earthy, Tim strikes that balance perfectly. The St Agnes clay that performs such an important role in creating the rough textural finish in his work is then confronted with the painterly slip that is applied onto the surface, which appears light and effortless. Tim works with the very traditional clays, slips and firings that are common practice in studio pottery but his ceramics hold on tightly to a progressive movement forward bearing in mind contemporary needs and aesthetics.

This White Slip Bowl is exquisite. Not a term that we would normally use but we have fallen entirely for the exposed rugged tactile underside that is complimented with the smooth brushed upper surface. The sense of unknowing in the process, almost as if this bowl was a happy accident keeps us wondering, how an earth did Tim do that?!. But of course Tim is a very talented potter and he knows his practice extremely well. The Bowl is reduction fired to around 1300°C, this creates an environment for the glaze to react to the heat by bursting into colour or slightly crackling. A history is formed in the making.

Teeming with textures, tones, colours and contours, these Teacups are a sensual delight. The ritual of sitting down to tea or coffee is only enhanced by the use of these pieces; they engage you with their ever-changing surface. Using Ash glazes, red clay and white slip, each cup holds an ancient tradition in its making which can be felt through the finish. It is a truly wonderful and enriching experience to use these Teacups daily.

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